I do, we do, you do

This is a strategy that I used a lot during my placement. I found it really helped me to focus on each section the lesson. i found this I Do, We Do, You Do that has a clear description of this strategy.

Id Do:  the teacher introduces the topic, explains any content specific terms, and models the strategies the students will be using during the lesson.

We Do: The teacher and students work together, the teacher ensures students understand the strategies they will employ

You Do: Students work independent of the teacher – teacher is available as required.

I like this strategy, in my opinion it aligns very nicely with Blooms Taxonomy as students progress from Remembering to Applying and Creating their own knowledge and understandings.



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  2. Tenille · June 15, 2015

    The high school i was at for my professional experience had a big emphasis on this especially in the lower grades. I found it worked really well in both of my teaching areas which are health & physical education and science. I mainly used it when i was teaching year 7 science and found it really helped them especially as we were drawing lots of diagrams. I will definitely use this strategy again in my next professional experience placement but also when i am teaching.

    hope you had a great time on prac!



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